Multifold Wheelchair Ramp, folds in half & carries like a suitcase; lengths 5-12 ft, from Discount Ramps.

PVI Aluminum Multi-Fold Wheelchair Ramp - 800 lbs. Capacity

How to Measure Wheelchair Ramps. Pinned by your source for geriatric occupational therapy resources.

Quickly calculate ramp length based on rise in inches. Wheelchair Ramp Length calculator for wheelchairs, power chairs, scooters and walkers.


Wheelchair Ramps New Jersey. Use our experience and expertise to determine the best ramp layout as well as ramp material to promote safe accessibility!

Ramp and Stair Projects | How to Add ADA Railing to a Wooden Access Ramp

Wood railings do not meet the ADA standard for handrail. Learn how to build an ADA compliant railing for your wooden ramp.

The Disabilities Act calls for structural modifications for existing buildings to better provide for the disabled.  This includes adding ramps, lowering phones, adding braille markings, rearranging tables, and replacing door handles.  This is not exactly easy or even in the budget for some businesses. For this reason the Act only includes existing buildings that these modifications are "readily achievable" or "easily accomplished without much difficulty or expense.

Wheelchair ramps are typically built to improve home accessibility for people who can't use stairs or need an easier way to enter or leave their home.

rubber-ramps-and-transitions-3  Ramps for Basketball courts ADA Compliance Ramps threshold ramps for wheelchair access Court Edge Reducer Ramp Drawings for ADA compliance. Rubber Transition ramps for wheelchair access. Rubber Reducer. ADA Reducer. ADA Rubber Reducer. Rubber transition strip. Transition strip. ADA Transition. Rubber reducer flooring. . Floor Edging, ADA Floor Edging.

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How To: Determine wheelchair ramp length required for loading.

How To: Determine wheelchair ramp length required for loading. This will be very useful in the development of the front entrance

Provide a gradual transtion from floor to door threshold with these 100% recycled rubber threshold ramps!

EZ-Access Transitions® Rubber Angled Threshold Ramp