Mermaid Coral Beth "Tails of Art" created by Mermaid Kariel #mermaid #staugustine

Mermaid Coral Beth, a member of Kariel's Mermaids on a Mission, wearing her "Tail of Art" tail by Mermaid Kariel. This tail is a hybrid tail meaning the fins are made of silicone and the body is sequins.

Although she possessed a fish’s tail, she wasn’t unbeautiful. Her hair long and blue, and a supernatural shine upon her scales, he beheld sturgeon and fine seals frolicking in her orange pupils. She held his hands now and comforted him, even in the very depths of despair. It worked, for he surrendered to her kind whim. He relaxed entirely, so much so he forgot where he was and the fact he needed air... # DOD2 #epicfantasy #destinyofdragons

Nina Y.’s Twisted Fairy Tales Mix Fantasy with Surrealism

A mermaid is a mythological aquatic creature with a female human head and torso and the tail of a fish.

This real-life mermaid will give you new career goals  -

This real-life mermaid will give you new career goals

Was a Mermaid Body Found in Bulgaria Near Black Sea? “Ancient skeleton of a mermaid before the Flood 8 millenniums ago was found near Sozopol Beach by Professor Dimitrov." Fact or fiction?!

Is it a real mermaid skeleton in the photo? No one really knows. But it sure does look like a real mermaid skeleton. Maybe its real or maybe its not. I don’t think anyone really knows for sure. But to me it really does look like a real mermaid.

'I'm a Professional Mermaid—for Real'

'I'm a Professional Mermaid—for Real'

'I'm a Professional Mermaid—for Real'

Mermaid-Good Morning, America!

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