uh one time I did this and the person looked at me really funny, because they were telling me something serious o.O

I just look at the persons face and if they are smiling I will fake smile. And if they are laughing I will fake laugh.

Relatable Post -- @Megan Lentz remember at soccer practice when we all put grass down each others shirts!  Haha

Relatable Post -- Lentz remember at soccer practice when we all put grass down each others shirts! Haha <<<< Omg why is this so true?

That's the worst! Especially since half the time it's a dream about my crush asking me out and then I wake up and realize it was a dream. :/

I was half awake when my mom walked in on me asking me a question yesterday morning and I know I answered I just didn't know if that was a dream so I had to ask her

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Yep "it tastes like grapes kids!" No, no it doesn't.... More like poison that helps you survive and children's tears!!!

yeah i had to drink this cough syrup that supposedly tasted like bubblegum. i drank it and was like, "Have you ever even had bubblegum?

Because when the teacher was explaining where to put it when ur done, ur too busy worrying about how to graph y=x2-34x+7 lolz

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I dont I just turn it in so no one tries to cheat off of me being as Im the smart kid in class- said the original pinner, but i'm the same as in the picture, i wait, thought i don't know why

Before Eleven: I don't want you to go. During Eleven: Please..... don't.... go... *Collapses crying* Whovians will know ;)

yup once I'm in the shower I don't wanna get out XD

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Yeah, they teach us that in teacher school . Turn the page in case there's more to read. That's why we go to teacher school, to learn that stuff.

Just wait forever the water to warm up.  BOOM!! Problem solved

Cold Water Shower (Friday Funny

Not all people don't like cold showers! I absolutely love cold showers, comment if you like them too please!<<<I don't prefer them, I I'll have a cold shower once in a while.


During any math test…

Funny pictures about During any math test. Oh, and cool pics about During any math test. Also, During any math test.

not sure if I am laughing at this, or just realizing that I just might have adult ADD.  UGH

Anxiety Disorder Natural Treatments.

Technically I don’t read books cause I hate reading. The only book I read is the Bible and it’s the only time I love to read.