And they aren't worried about it. And neither am I. LDS no more. Mormon no more. Quotes. Memes. Funny.

Continued but good luck to you if you still believe in God and of my college professors told me he really enjoyed my essay on the dangers of patriotism.

See, now this makes WAY more sense

Only religious people would cover up the rape of a 14 year old girl, and call it a miracle, what is this Paraguay?

Religion is Anti-Me

But this should say I'm anti-Neo-Christian, not "religion". I don't personally consider myself religious but I am spiritual.

Mormons are without a doubt the weirdest religion I've ever heard of. 28 Mormon memes from 2015

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As I have always maintained, I do not care if believers worship a blue-eyed blonde semi-naked Jew nailed to a cross, a bearded dessert dwelling prophet, a fat cow, a golden snake or a thunder God.

Atheïst don't have a Bible because itsn't a Religion. So stupid this comment.

Insane levels of stupid. Atheism is NOT a religion, it's the complete absence of it. We deny the existence of all "gods" & "devils", so logically don't worship or hate either. The ignorance in this post is indeed impressive.

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The poor in many developing countries rely on this as a source of hope as well as inner cities in developed countries.

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Just wait, you'll see! Is the idle threat of the believer! Just waiting is what they've been doing since the invention of god! It guarantees you will never see! gwabi

Is the idle threat of the believer! It guarantees you will never see!

And more in the Book of Mormon. LDS no more. Scripture study. #fhe

I experienced this first hand bc I went to Catholic school ALL my life lol

My religion teacher showed us this in class....probably the highlight of her class

[RMX] And I Was Like Yahweh

Funny pictures about Story Time Jesus. Oh, and cool pics about Story Time Jesus. Also, Story Time Jesus.