pulling up old carpet by hand

How To Remove Carpet (Video & Photos

Advice for removing old, smelly carpet: Wear long sleeves and watch out for all the staples! Click through for more tips and tricks from S @ Young House Love.

How to Remove Wall-to-Wall Carpet. It's not hard but go carefully so you don't…

How to Remove Wall-to-Wall Carpet

How to Remove Old Carpet in Your House | DIY Carpet Removal | Step by Step How to Take Up Carpet

Home Renovation Step by Step Guide for Taking Up and Disposing of Old Carpet Hey y'all! We are several weeks in now on our home renovation and our house is looking more like a construction.

How to Remove Carpet – good tutorial with list of tools needed and pictures.

Really Good How to Remove Carpet Tutorial with a list of tools you need and pictures.

Tools and Tips for Removing Carpet... great ideas!  www.chaoticallycreative.com

Removing Carpet

Removing carpet may seem like an easy task but do you know the tools that you need? Check out this post to see the simple steps and recommended tools.

The easiest way to remove carpet and completely transform wood stairs. - www.littlehouseoffour.com

From Carpet to Hardwood: How to Easily Transform Your Stairs

great idea for sub-flooring between ripping up carpet, and affording wood flooring #diy #home #floor

great idea for sub-flooring between ripping up carpet, and affording wood flooring

How to remove carpet from stairs and paint them for a fantastic update.

How to Remove Carpet from Stairs and Paint Them

How to Remove Carpet – without breaking your back || nice job @Sawdust_Girl ... Wait! Is that Plumber's Crack?

Every remodeler needs to know How to Remove Carpet. I have a bad back, so I'm all about painless carpet removal and taking steps to avoid injury.

Classy Clutter: How to remove carpet and refinish wood floors: PART 1 #refinishingwood #hardwoodflooring #carpetremoval

Everything You Need For a Spring Party

How to Remove Carpet Staples from Wood Floors / the tool you definitely need!!

How to Remove Carpet Staples from Wood Floors -- You Have to Try this Tool! So much easier -- Video Tutorial Included!

How to (and how not to) remove carpet padding from hardwood floors. Check the comments for more great suggestions!

How (And How Not) to Remove Carpet Padding From Hardwood Floors

Beautiful Staircase Makeover

Incredibly Smart Home Remodelling Ideas You Shouldn't Miss!

Need some inspiration regarding tackling a staircase remodel. See the transformation of carpeted interior stairs to a beautiful, modern stairwell complete with wood stair treads, new newel posts, railing and paint.

How to Easily Remove Carpet Staples from Wood Floors

How to Remove Carpet Staples from Wood Floors

Learn the simplest method to remove carpet staples from wood floors, with the right tools and a video tutorial. Plus, this method won't damage the hardwood!