I wish someone would watch this again with me (writing this on the biggest pin I could find so someone might see *hint hint hint)

Early signs Richard Armitage was destined to play the role of Mr. Thornton

Richard Armitage as Lucas North in Spooks/MI-5 (2008-2010)

Where I once again examine my belly button but without self flagellation this time. A little Richard Armitage and some Jack Lemmon involved.

Richard Armitage. Richard.Armitage. Richard..Armitage. Richard...Armitage. Richard....Armitage. Richard.....Armitage. Richard......Armitage. Richard.......Armitage.

Afternoon eye candy: Guys in ties (27 photos)

Hugh Jackman - GQ Australia (I would love for this man to be in a weekly tv show)

Richard Armitage <3 :) He is so fantastic--I wonder if he realizes how many girls and woman are in love with him, or married to him in their dreams?? ;)

Richard Armitage as Sgt. John Porter of Strike Back. Lawd, he is beautiful. As my sister says, his eyes were made for beautiful angst.

"Richard Armitage says: Please come back to bed... - Imgur"  (Yes, I know this is photoshopped, but it's such a great image that I don't care.)

Richard Armitage - Come Hither

Richard Armitage:      Thorin Oakenshield: The Hobbit....       Guy of Gisborne: Robin Hood (TV series)    ;) want

Richard Armitage: Thorin Oakenshield: The Hobbit. Guy of Gisborne: Robin Hood: North & South (BBC Show)