A menu, dated April 14 1912, shows the luxury food offered up to first-class passengers on the last day on board the RMS Titanic.

The Titanic's Last Lunch

On April a lunch menu featured such items as Grilled Mutton Chops and Corned Ox Tongue. For many on the Titanic, it would be the last thing they ate. Here's their final menu.

Advertising poster from the White Star Line.

MaritimeQuest - RMS Titanic Titanic Memorabilia Page 1 White Star Line

The Grand Staircase is the name sometimes given to the large ornate staircases in the first-class section of the White Star Line liner RMS Titanic, which sank with a great loss of life following a collision with an iceberg in 1912. Considered to be among the most luxurious appointments on the ship, use of the two grand staircases was restricted to first-class passengers. The fore Grand Staircase descends five levels from the Boat Deck to the E Deck with grand appearance, and continues down

grand staircase of the Titanic. It is important to see how the grandness drops as it goes down to third class!

Titanic infographic - cool fact sheet, amazing 711 survived . . .mind-boggling facts!

Titanic infographic - contains interesting facts about the Titanic and how the unsinkable ship sank.

Last known photo of Titanic afloat.

On this day 105 years ago, on April RMS Titanic raised anchor from Queenstown, Ireland, and set sail for New York over deep Atlantic Ocean. This picture was the last known photo taken of the Titanic afloat.

Last photo taken of the RMS Titanic – Sailing away from Queenstown, Ireland.

April "Titanic" leaves Queenstown, Ireland and sets sail for New York. Thought to be the last photograph of "Titanic"