Robert Smith

Most people feel so conditioned, so oppressed by everything that goes on around them that they just give in. You have to refuse to give in. — Robert Smith, The Cure, Melody Maker, March 1992

Robert Smith (The Cure) and Siouxise (Siouxise and The Banshees)

Robert Smith (The Cure) and Siouxise (Siouxise and The Banshees). During a few years in the Robert Smith was indeed one of Sioux's Banshees.

Love those high tops! | Robert Smith |

"so just pull on your hair/just pull on your pout/and let's move to the beat/like we know that it's over/if you slip going under/slip over my shoulder" The Cure, "Fascination Street" .OMG-THIS was the song in my head while browsing Cure pins.