Try This Amazing Roller Set On Natural Hair Style for medium to long hair

Amazing Roller Set On Natural Hair

We have such an appreciation for authentic beauty and celebrate it by offering certified natural hair products for all the ways we wear our hair, curly and straight. Try This Amazing Roller Set On Natural Hair Style for medium to long hair

Here is a crash course on perfecting a curly set on natural hair using either rollers, flexi rods or a curling iron. The best setting products are included.

The Curly Set

Curly Hairstyles trouble a lot in your dressing and can deliver you a faultless look. Curly Hairstyles to improve your beauty face shapes

PIC 28. This diagram helped me when putting in heated rollers. I wanted to create volume from he roots, therefore i followed the top diagram. 'OVER'.

Why do I get puffy roots when I roller set my hair?????

There are a few reasons why you may get puffy roots, but most likely it is because of the reasons described below: The Hair Is Not Wet Enough: The entire section of hair- root to tip- should …

Roller Set Hairstyles  Beauty | #MichaelLouis -

Roller Set Hairstyles - You might aspire to get your hair styled just like your favourite star, or get it cut just like yo

#bighair 1. #blowout with  roundbrush and products  2. Take large sections from the front to the back, curl with a 1 1/4 inch iron for about 5 sec. , quickly over direct a soft Velcro roller in and pin. 3. Set to cool for about 10-20 min. 4. Spiral the rollers out and spray with light hold hairspray

Sexy big hair from rollers and and 90 minutes under the dryer on high heat, just add hairspray and 100 Bobby pins

Roller set

👏by & Curls On Straightened Natural Hair& ◀️ Step High Pony Tail Step Place rollers on the loose hair (Left mine in over night) Step them out! ❤️ Love you guys!