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The World of Rosamunde Pilcher. If you like this author try another awesome author ~ Santa Montefiore ~ she creates heart worthy reading and has a very similar style to Rosamunde Pilcher.

Christmas With Rosamunde Pilcher

Written with the heart-warming style of her novels. I reread it every year, starting again today - I may get nothing else done. Tea kettle is whistling, book is calling.

One of my favorite authors,. "My books are light reading for intelligent ladies." ~Rosamunde Piltcher

Rosamunde Pilcher in 'Four Seasons' Photocall In Germany

a rainy Sunday afternoon read, best served with a fire and a large cuppa

Friday Finds (Oct 14)

Winter Solstice - I love Rosamunde Pilcher books.The Shell Seekers, September.

Hausbesuch: Interview mit Rosamunde Pilcher....Link page to a video interview with Rosamunde. She even mentions Ralph Lauren... what could be better??

Rosamunde Pilcher

Link page to a video interview with Rosamunde. She even mentions Ralph Lauren. what could be better?

Rosamunde Pilcher, OBE (born September 22, 1924) was educated at public schools in both England and Wales, and served in the Women's Royal Naval Service. Pilcher was interested in writing from an early age, and was encouraged by her parents to pursue this interest. At age 16 she submitted a short story to the editor of three women's magazines. Though the story was rejected, the editor told her to keep trying. This contact led to the publication of another story a short time later.

Rosamunde Pilcher, OBE (born September was educated at public schools…

It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive. Arrival often brings nothing but a sense of desolation and disappointment  - Rosamunde Pilcher

The novel that came to make Rosamunde Pilcher an internationally reknowned author was The Shell Seekers which topped the New York Times Bestseller list. At over 80 years of age now Rosamunde has had awriting career spanning over 60 years

I started reading Rosamunde Pilcher while living in Jamaica. Love her.

Rosamunde Pilcher in 'Four Seasons' Photocall In Germany

One of my favorite authors, Rosamunde Pilcher. Such a descriptive author.