“Rosie the Riveter” Poster, 1943 | 12 Powerful Images Of Women In The Labor Movement

12 Powerful Images Of Women In The Labor Movement

Howard Miller’s World War II famous “We Can Do It” propaganda poster (commonly known as the “Rosie the Riveter” poster) is an example of a design whose meaning has become misconstrued over time, as reported by FIDM Graphic Design Student, Sara Berkes.

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Rosie the Riveter Quotable Greeting Card & Stickers

The icon of "We Can Do It" and a true icon of feminism, it's the Rosie the Riveter greeting card with this die-cut quotable blank note card with stickers.

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Rosie The Riveter -- Socks

It goes without saying that shopping for friends and family can be complicated and expensive. But, when it comes to shopping for fierce and fabulous feminists, the task becomes so much easier. After all, cheap feminist gifts are capable of making a h…

Rosie the Riveter Halloween costume

The Easiest DIY Halloween Costumes For Fashion Girls

Pin for Later: 70 Mind-Blowing DIY Halloween Costumes For Women Rosie the Riveter Dressing up as this feminist icon is easy! A red bandanna and denim shirt are all you need to create this look. (Last Minutes Costumes)

Rosie The Riveter -- Women's Sweatshirt/Long-Sleeve – Feminist Apparel

Rosie The Riveter -- Sweatshirt

Rosie The Riveter -- Baby Onesie – Feminist Apparel

Rosie The Riveter -- Baby Onesie

Argh! I wish I had found this before I made my Rosie the Riveter costume.

14 Tutorials for Bandana Hairstyles

Rockabilly & Pin up Hair and Makeup / Vintage/Rosie the Riveter look: click through for directions

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