Rudolf Stingel | Untitled 2012

Fuck contemporary ART selection by oso parado - r-diogo: Rudolf Stingel · Untitled, 2012

RUDOLF STINGEL, Untitled #dailyconceptive #diarioconceptivo

Rudolf Stingel (italien, né en Untitled , Huile et émail sur papier, x cm.

Rudolf Stingel: installation at the Palazzo Grassi (Venice), 2013.

Rudolf Stingel Takes Over Palazzo Grassi in Venice, Italy

Rudolf Stingel, Installation at Palazzo Grassi. I would love this room, I wouldn't know whether to walk or roll on the floors or the walls :D

Rudolph Stingel's Untitled (2012) behind a Jean Prouvé chair. Off the Walls - November 2014 - Lonny

Off the Walls - November 2014

What transforms a towering mound of earth into a “landscape”? The artist? The photographer? Or the viewer? These colossal oil paintings of the Tyrol Mountains evoke such questions. Based on b & w photos Stingel commissioned, they show the filaments from the photos, scratches from the lens, & dust accumulated from his studio. Such details transform the works from mere landscape paintings into haunting meditations on the act of representation. "Untitled" (2010). Oil on canvas. By Rudolf…

Rudolf Stingel

rudolf stingel

Rudolf Stingel - Whitney Museum of American Art - Art - Review

Rudolf Stingel - Whitney Museum of American Art At the Rudolf Stingel show, visitors can write on the foil walls of this installation

Rudolf Stingel -

Rudolf Stingel -

Rudolf Stingel Untitled, 2012. Galvanized cast copper 94 1/2 x 189 x 1 1/2 inches (240 x 480.1 x 3.8 cm) Photo by Alessandro Zambianchi

Rudolf Stingel Untitled, 2012 Galvanized cast copper show at Gagosian Paris Reproduced by ARTNews

Rudolf Stingel

Rudolf Stingel “I wanted to be against a certain way of painting,” Stingel said. “Artists have always been accused of being decorative. I just went to the extreme.” Basically, Stingel has always gone.