Rune Factory 4 - The Guardians

The Guardians, wonderful when Dylas came back to life and killed me.

Rune Factory 4 | Clorica


Chlorica from I will have to play the game as a guy to marry her! Then again, I said that about Julia and then I actually met her and I hated her personality.

HORSE HUSBAND (I know it's not harvest moon but I love Dylas omg)

he one of the reasons i want to play the harvest moon spin off Rune Factory 4 (I believe thats the game

Frey, Dylas, and Luna Rune Factory

Rune Factory Dylas, Frey, and Luna. My second favorite female main character couple. I like Vishnal a little more.

Gaius and Raven (at least until Micah may or may not have run off with her...)

Damn it I really wish that Rune Factory 3 had a female playable character JUST so that I could marry Gaius forever

Dylas Rune Factory

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