i am NOT in love w/ Sally Mann, it´s just that i like some (very few) of her works

I’m in love with Sally Mann

Sally Mann’s “Candy Cigarette,” 1989

Sally Mann

Remember candy cigarettes and thinking you looked so cool. Just wrong now, but love this photo, Candy Cigarette by Sally Man

This photo has great imagery and you can very much picture that the hand is clawing down the wall, even though it isnt moving.

I’m in love with Sally Mann

This is one of my favorite photographs by one of my favorite photographers, Sally Mann. I however don't like that the photograph is cropped. I think the truck with the gorgus license plate is necessary to the photograph.

Sally Mann's photography of her own children. Eerily beautiful.

This photo entitled Shiva at whistle creek by photographer Sally Mann has a beautiful natural feeling to it. The woman is naked, crouching d.