hakuramen:  Me-Troid-So-Na!An idea that was tossed around between a friend and me— fans of Persona and Metroid alike. This crossover was the result.It was a lot of fun incorporating Persona motifs (AIgis frame, footless legs, P3 gun) in context of Metroid. What Arcana would Samus represent?

A crossover idea that my friend and I tossed around. I seem to redesign Samus Aran a lot, but I can't deny how fun it is. Persona X Metroid crossover: S. Me-Troid-So-Na

Mega no, Giga tampoco, Terapost de Ilustraciones Geniales - Taringa!

Mega no, Giga tampoco, Terapost de Ilustraciones Geniales

A digitally remastered version of my previous Samus copic art. Samus Aran suit up

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Digital Art by James Ghio

armor blonde hair blue eyes bodysuit breasts james ghio large breasts lips long hair metroid samus aran skin tight varia suit very long hair zero suit - Image View -

1k gaming mine nintendo Queen Samus Aran Samus zero suit samus ssb4 super smash bros 4 gamediting

I need to calm down with the new Samus.

sarrus: “ZERO Mission. Loving all the new Metroid attention. Cheers Nintendo. @nintendo ”

Not done a Metroid illustration in a long time. Seeing as Nintendo are dishing out some Metroid love, I thought I would too Done in Photoshop in abo.