Ostkaka: Swedish Cheesecake Recipe from Mikael

Ostkaka: Swedish Cheesecake Recipe from Mikael

Scandinavian Postbox

The classic metal postbox holds lots of mail in fine Scandinavian style.

hmmm, maybe fun for our landing strip? a traditional swedish mailbox

We used to have one of these Swedish mailboxes in red.would love to have one at my house!

sour cherry ice cream // a thousand threads

Lately it seems like our life is all new – new house, new job, new colony of bugs in our mailbox… But there’s something exciting about the possibility of it all, so we’re rolling with it – and it’s…

Moderne Postfach groß, Walnuss und Edelstahl Briefkasten, Postfach Wand

Modern Mailbox Large, Walnut and Stainless Steel Mailbox, Wall Mounted mailbox