Stylish white murphy twin bed. #murphybed #murphybedhq

White Murphy bed - stylish design with Scandinavian inspiration.

you can see how the foot support flips out over the top, and without bookcases it looks like an armoir

DIY Murphy Beds

DIY murphy bed – made to look like armoire. LOVE this and I can make a usable fold out table on the bottom half.

Love this rustic Murphy Bed with plan panelling and storage inside the alcove.

9 stylish murphy beds for small spaces. Whether for your studio, small bedroom, guest room or living room, these stylish murphy bed ideas make the most of this small-space essential. For more home furniture ideas go to Domino.

DIY Murphy Bed w/o hardware.

$150 murphy bed

Well, the Murphy bed has been hacked and built. And Anji wrote all about it here! Here are the plans: Many, many of you have requested the Murphy Bed Plans, and I have been wanting to draw up a pl…

built-in murphy bed.AWESOME Time out- can this be done in the play room?! Possible in stead of the couch kids area...?

a murphy bed-style bunk system.I think ALL homes should be built with at least one room with a murphy bed of some type. I personally would like a queen in one room and put a bunk bed style for future grands in the craft room

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Three Boys, One Room

My older two boys share a room and sleep in bunk beds. Since we moved them to bunk beds it's been great as it has opened up a ton of space in their room for quiet time away from the chaos of the rest of the house. I love bunk beds.

OPTIONS:  in the seating/sleeping niche, sofa bed, pull down bed, bunk beds, or bed & desk with curtain to close it off.

Idea about Home Office - An amazing space saving desk. Would be great for a student or a child's room. by: Dean Thompson on: That's A Good Idea

DIY murphy bed... i would like to do something like this for my laundry room.

Great idea to use in a formal living room or office to double as guest room. DIY murphy bed - made to look like armoire. So gonna try this for our office/guest room.

Amazing Italian Space Saving Furniture, that allows you to place full size furniture like sofas, beds, tables and chairs even in a small apartment or living area.

built in beds in walls | Built in bed | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

next door's reading nook/guest bed ? "Built in bed maximizing "attic space" in a story upstairs bed room. I also love the drawers underneath making wonderful storage"

Living in a shoebox     Get some extra mileage out of your sleeping space with these 12 storage beds

Get some extra mileage out of your sleeping space with these 12 storage beds

7 Places to Find Inexpensive, Modern Furniture  Tropeca Convertible Sofa, $899 from Scandinavian Designs

8 Places to Find Inexpensive, Modern Furniture

Scandinavian Designs - Our Tropeca convertible sofa is a great solution for small spaces with plenty of style. Features a post modern design with superb comfort for you and your guests. Effortlessly transforms from a sofa to a bed with a 7