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Skulls are powerful symbols. They've been a long part of human history signifying death and/or power over the living. In the body art or tattoo culture, skulls are one of the most popular designs. Those with skull tattoos select them for various.

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grim reaper pictures Grim Reaper Drawing by Anthony McCracken - Grim Reaper Fine Art Prints .

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someone in my english class told me to draw something weird and scary hanging.

Scary sad... He hung himself and she's swinging .. Holy crap that's messed up

darkestdee:Different side of life by Virgard lucifer hanging and samp swinging on her sister and call that the tree of knowledge with dorum as lucifer's noose! in hell now!

Horror Movies family photo style. Who is the girl holding the chucky doll above the chick from the ring I NEED TO KNOW!?

I have pinned this image because it is showing all of the classic monsters from the horror movie greats. It is brilliant to see them all in one picture like a family photo.