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we all see this on halloween horror movie nights on the sofa don't we ? b- movie lovers photo art coming to get you

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Keep safe from all those dumb "repost or else" chain posts <that's three safety animals for me!

Scary Weird Creepy Old Photos ~ butcher in pig head mask

26 Creepy Old Photos of the Nightmare Kind

26 Creepy Old Photos of the Nightmare Kind

26 Creepy Old Photos of the Nightmare Kind

Some of these images will give you nightmares.  The simpler times of true horror. - Family Fun #scary, #vintage, #halloween

18 Truly Creepy Vintage Photos

These Bizarre Vintage Snaps Prove Once Again That the Past Is Way Creepier Than the Present!

So much for sleeping tonight (29 Photos) : : theCHIVE

So much for sleeping tonight (29 Photos)

Now, this is just the WORST nightmare for me, a "creeper" coming up from the basement.don't like basements!

Creepy Old Vintage Photos~ two scary sisters with waist long hair standing on porch

30 Creepy Photos That'll Haunt Your Soul

Creepy old photos that will give you nightmares. These scary photographs are some of the creepiest ever. From creepy kids to portraits of the dead people,

Who needs makeup jobs and bad hayride actors when there are so many frightening things already out there in the world? Here are some photo examples.

16 Scary Photos That Are Real

16 Scary Photos That Are Real, some of these are soooo creepy!---> I would probably be the person to roam around people's yards at night after it snowed to mess with them

Asylums Were Once Mansions Full Of Nightmares And Insane Treatments

Abandon by society - mental hospitals "Treating" patients. Texas accused of 'Warehousing' mentally disabled population

My God...it is floating right where the path is! Tears came quickly when I realized I might never escape this wretched place...Forest DARK

Fine art horror genre photography depicting macabre themes, often using creative lighting, make-up and other physical theatrical effects to construct atmosph.

That poor boy is probably horrified...

50 Unexplainable Black & White Photos

When Tooth Extraction Is Terrifying: 32 Scary Photos Show the Early Days of Dentistry dental history antique dentistry

A First World War dentist working at a Casualty Clearing Station near Ypres, Belgium.

There are reports of ghosts, and then something more sinister: shadow people. Here are scary photos sworn authentic.

25 Frightening Shadow Figures

Crystal meth and demons go hand in hand. Crystal meth demons have one objective, kill, steal and destroy your life. Shadow People are exposed! Meth, Demons and Shadow men/man. Am I going crazy?