Raped by..... Pinkamena..... This is weird in two ways. One, it just is. And two, my friend/crush is kinda/sorta in love with her.

I'm married to Laughing Jack? I would of preferred Eyeless Jack or Bloody Painter but he'll do.

birthday scenario game Mine's princess the control of water and my companion is a clever spirit

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What is your fantasy alter ego? I am a seer that can control fire and is accompanied by a warrior maiden. I like it :)< monk with the power of flouting orbs and my best friend the smiling Pirate!

anime scenario game [ April, Trap XD]

anime scenario game [ April, Trap XD]<--I'm not just a tsundere according to this, I'm a tsundere in real life!

kuroshitsuji_birthday_scenario_game_by_shannah67-d4vjegv.png (700×700) I am stuck on an island with Sebastian! Squee!

Kuroshitsuji Birthday Scenario Game>> handcuffed for life to snake aww yay I love snake :D

One of the host club members promises to always be with me or gives me a piggyback ride because Hikaru threw a banana peel in front of me XD

Ouran High School Host Club Birthday Scenario Game by Yukihitomi. Mine is Kyoya Ootori feeds me fancy tuna because Kyoya's family police are watching me.

Anime birthday scenario game. <<< I'll have zombie powers and my best friend will be Pikachu X'D wha?

<<< I'll have zombie powers and my best friend will be Pikachu X'D wha?<< I have a Death Note and my best friend is Light Yagami.

Armin gave me a pickle because they didn't want Annie to kill them. What has the world come to?!

Mikasa kissed my hand while dancing the hamster dance awww! Credit to: Attack On Titan Birthday Scenario Game by TheBlueEyedVampire on Deviantart<<<<Yes! Eren bear-hugged me because he didn't want Annie to kill me.

The Master showers with me erotically... WHAT.<<< Loki trades you for a pet duck erotically.

Agent Smith has been stalking me and then goes on a crazy killing spree in my name. I think I just won every birthday senario game ever.