"† INSANLY CUTE INDIE SCENE GUYS †" by xxxhellopeachxx on Polyvore

Why are there no cute guys like this in my town?everyone here is like a cowboy or a thug. There are literally like two cute "scene" guys where I live and we don't even go to the same school-_-

Imagine him taking a picture of you surprisingly and putting it on his wall.

Enjoy more at my EMO BOY DIARY. I love it when dudes have this Hipster kind of hair. Its amazingly cute!

Hello, I'm Kenneth. I'm just me. I'm nothing special and am only noticed to be ridiculed. I really like bands like Sleeping With Sirens or My Chemical Romance. That's all there is to say about me because I'm a person and I'm here but I'm nobody special.           Caste: 6 Weight: 100 pounds. Height: 6'3 Age: 21

What Should Your Fashion Style Be?

Enjoy more at my EMO BOY DIARY. hes actually cute, alot scene guys hide their faces so much that you cant tell whether theyre hot or not

sometimes I think guys like this don't even TRY to be hot, it just happens automatically

Would so date a guy like this I wish I could meet an emo boy, there WAY sweeter and more passionate

my fucking god O_O

How can you go wrong with a hot guy , bad car AND 2 horses ! This is the perfect example of my dream guy !

Hi I'm Pandora.i don't go like people much and I LOOOOVE music.im 17 and single.my best friends are Netflix,YouTube and fanfiction.

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Hey. My names Blake. I'm a gay type C. 15. I'm Blazes best friend. I'm really outgoing and I like art. Introduce?

Enjoy more at my EMO BOY DIARY. This is my new boyfriend Ryan from Portland. ^_^ this guy probably lives in NY or some crap across the country ^_~

Cute Emo Boys | Cute emo boy by ~Kelly93rules on deviantART

Enjoy more at my EMO BOY DIARY. I first became aware of this picture like, four years ago and his smile is just so adorable!