Get this FREE literacy center! Students use the different parts to create a sentence. There are parts that make up sentences that make sense, but students can also make silly sentences. Students can use these during word work or literacy centers to build fluency and practice building sentences.

This is an easy and fun way for students to learn how to build sentences, especially with learning punctuation goes at the end and starting with a capital letter at the beginning.

CVC Word and Sentence Reading Picture Match (Cut & Paste)

This worksheet includes 5 sentences using a variety of CVC words and sight words. This activity requires students use early phonics skills to decode words to be able to find the correct picture. The pictures have to be cut out, which helps build fine moto

Are you teaching students to identify the four types of sentences? Check out this blog post. It contains multiple activities that you can use in your upper elementary classroom! Check out the types of sentences anchor chart and download the FREE worksheet and interactive notebook foldable!

This anchor chart is designed to assist in teaching students the four types of sentences. It also shows them the different punctuation marks.

What makes a sentence?

Teaching Writing Idea and Plans Week 1 Neat idea to help students determine what parts of a sentence are missing to develop complete sentences. Could also be used for idea development. Color code align with Project GLAD and add POS names.

155 Frases necesarias para una conversación en inglés

155 Frases necesarias para una conversación en inglés

Types of sentences anchor chart

Types of sentences anchor chart. Love the simplicity of the explanations, especially "bossy" sentence for imperative

aber es heißt nicht dass es mich auch kümmert...

aber es heißt nicht dass es mich auch kümmert...

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Sentence Building through the entire year! Independent practice building and self editing sentences with parts of speech and spelling patterns together!

Sentences: Building and Self Editing

We practice building sentences every day using activities that are interactive. Writing daily sentences also provides practice for focus spelling patterns.

In this article, I break down Japanese sentence structure and show you exactly how Japanese sentences work. A solid understanding of this will save you a huge amount of time trying to make sense of Japanese grammar.

Most people find Japanese sentence structure to be difficult and confusing. One of the biggest reasons for this is that the usual way of learning Japanese involves remembering random phrases and sentence patterns in isolation, without actually