Shark Stuff 2 by sharpie91 on deviantART  I love this ;D  It need to become a movie or book or something!

Shark Stuff 2 by on deviantART [ "So here are some more sketches of Vera and Noah. Mostly Vera though because I

Gravity Falls Stuff 2 by sharkie19 on DeviantArt

Some Gravity Falls. Geez, I need to quit drawing Mermando, but he the best. I also tried drawing Soos, Wendy. I also tried drawing Stan, but he wasn't as lucky.

Pose study 89 by on @DeviantArt

Pose study 89 by on @DeviantArt

An AU where they're all mythical creatures. Really cool art by sharpie91

Monster Falls by I love the monster falls idea! Wendy is a ware wolf, soos is a slime monster, and Gideon is a vampire

Adele and her manta rey

I started on that monster girls challenge back in October (you draw a monster girl each day of the month)  Mermaid (based on the bloodfin tetra) , Harpy, slime gi.

Think Candies by on @deviantART

THINK CANDIES The Design Concept Behind Tyson Tan’s Cyber Creatures This small tutorial is written as online supplement to Lindsay Cibos’s how-to-art book: Furry Furever.

Httyd Stuff (spoilers) by sharpie91 on deviantART - How to Train Your Dragon Fanart

Httyd Stuff (spoilers) by on deviantART - How to Train Your Dragon Fanart