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trying to get an idea of what Rigel Black (from...

this girl reminds me of leto, though of course its the wrong outfit and leto's hair is long. but she has the right androgynous face, that could have passed for Azrael with her hair tied back holy shit she's so beautiful

Leather bracelet, T-shirt, blue hair.

Combine Jewelry With Clothing - Leather bracelet, T-shirt, blue hair. - The jewels are essential to finish our looks. Discover the best tricks to combine jewelry with your favorite items

Coupe de cheveux tendance 2015 – comment styliser ses cheveux

Coupe de cheveux tendance 2015 – styliser ses cheveux

Sooo much style/swag right here

The "Goldilocks zone" for sartorial transgression reminds me of Brecht his distancing effect in theater.

The best bandana hairstyles for women with short hair

Agyness Deyn top model and so pretty. Adore her tomboy look. And how she combines punk with grace. Loving her style, and her platin blond hair

Styling short hair.

Tips for Styling Short Hair

Short haircuts are made not only for men but also for women. There are many women who perform the short hairstyles as their daily styles.