I'd literally be the richest person in the world.....

23 Pictures People Over 5'5" Will Never Understand

When I'm walking with people in a crowd I have to hold on to a piece of them so I don't get lost.     #shortgirlproblems

I have guy friends and since there tall I hold on to there backpack or there shirt when we're in the crowd at school


18 Pictures That Are Way Too Real for Anyone Who's Short

Advantage of being small :p gotta love my tall friends ;)

Tall Friends by Zombiesmile --- As a tall person: my life has been full of lies! I've never felt so used!too tall for short people and too short for tall people.

Haha yeah

i HATE when short people complain about this. TALL PEOPLE PROBLEM you get happy when you see people taller than you!

Repin for the taller one, like for the shorter one.>>>I'm the tall one :'( It's awkward sometimes>>>I am the tall one haha

30 Awkward Moments Every Short Girl Understands

30 Awkward Moments Every Short Girl Understands - I'm a tall girl, but these are still funny in a flip side look.

And you cant reach the problem the teacher wrote so someone else has to do it

You know your short when you get lost in the halls amongst the kids and other teachers mistake you for a student!