If you're like me, every purchase that arrives in the mail is a source of great anticipation and high hopes. I tear open the box and pull out the item (mos

DIY: How to Make A Copper Pipe Curtain Rod for $35

Izabella DIY Copper Pipe Curtain Rods [Obsessively careful instructions including, heaven forfend, painting them! I would polish these until they gleamed so bright they could be used as nightlights —

Homemade baby gate...2 shower curtain rods and fabric. Nice to know since we have an honory pup that needs to be blocked off from certain parts of the house!:)

Homemade baby/puppy shower curtain rods and fabric. Nice to know since we have an honory pup that needs to be blocked off from certain parts of the house!

Organizing the clever. Need help? http://www.theprofessionalorganizerplannerandstager.com

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Shower curtain rod and shower curtain hooks in a cabinet to keep pots and pans organized! (@ diy home sweet home). Use in my pantry to hang pans!

Hang two shower curtain rods. One on the inside for the shower curtain and one on the outside to create easy access to your towel when you're done in the shower. This guy sure seems happy about it.

Clever and Useful Bathroom Storage Tips

Duo shower curtain rod w/ towel rod This is the best idea!

Shower Rods

Wet towels go here.installs in front of shower curtain. OR, just use a plain, old shower tension rod. I always toss my towel over the shower rod, it'd be more attractive BEHIND the curtain/door.

DIY Curtain Rods from Galvanized Plumbing Parts

Curtain rods made from galvanized plumbing parts...a tutorial

Need to replace my deck curtain rods that move around with these! A tutorial on how to make curtain rods from galvanized plumbing parts

Use Collapsible shelves in your Camper Trailer for extra storage!!

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An easy-up Canopy If you are going to bring 1 thing, bring this. I was so jealous of other camper’s nice, cool, shaded camps. Having something you can stand or sit under in the shade is essentia… (Festival Camping Hacks)

Coffee station hang mugs from shower hooks

Try This: 9 DIY Organization Kitchen Tips

Try This: 9 DIY Organization Kitchen Tips - Four Generations One Roof Hanging objects creates more room in any space. We love this idea of not only creating more counter space but cabinet space as well by hanging coffee mugs!

What a dreamy bathroom! We love the organized pattern of the triangle tiles here. For a look like this try pairing our Jade with French Linen.

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Add a second shower rod for extra bathroom storage! Hang baskets from the extra shower rod to put shampoos and soaps in! (And without bottles everywhere, the shower becomes easier to clean!

Curtain rod... with shower curtain hooks to hang up utensils in the kitchen! brilliant!

Curtain rod with shower curtain hooks to hang up utensils in the kitchen. Rod + hooks could go anywhere.

This is such a practical idea for small bathrooms! Hide towels behind the curtain and have a place to hang drippy things so they drip into the tub!

Love the curved shower curtain rod & the hidden towel rack inside shower to catch drips in the tub and hide towels from guests.

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Home Decor Luxury Small Bathroom Love the tub and Shower set up, is this possible for our upstairs bathroom remodel?

SO doing this for my future kids  made with an old curtain rod and milk cartons.  holds crayons and a huge roll of paper to stretch across the table and draw on.

Repurposing Milk Cartons

Recycle milk cartons as storage hanging on a bathroom curtain rod. This would be good for so many things and decorate it to make it not so milk jug.

towel rod with curtain shower hooks to hold jewelry

Jewelry ideas: 18 inch towel bar with s-shaped hooks- Honestly it's a towel rod with shower curtain hooks.