This simple matching worksheet is mainly to practice clothing vocabulary, but also includes some family words. The top 13 and bottom 11 terms match up separately, providing a little extra help.

Simple Spanish Word Games: Nicaragua

Simple Spanish word games that need no materials. We are sharing ideas like these at educational workshops in Nicaragua this week.

DUAL/BILINGUAL LABELS for the classroom

This set includes 112 classroom labels to decorate your room and help bilingual students, newcomers and ELL students. The labels use Gómez&Gómez color codes (blue for English, red for Spanish).

Spanish Color Words: Printable Coloring Pages

A list of Spanish question words and interrogative words with English translation and examples. Find out how to ask questions in Spanish with interrogatives

Sight Words Practice Sheets- 150 Spanish Palabras de Uso Frecuente

This is a PDF file with 150 Spanish Sight Words (Palabras de Uso Frecuente) in fun practice sheets for your students. Good to have students do for center works.

Full verb conjugation table for hablar along with example sentences and printable version. Over 1000 Spanish verbs conjugated.

Spanish Sentence Cards Spanish Sentence Cards are manipulative that engage children at an early age to build short and simp.

I Can Write Sentences

Make a Sentence Game for Grade. use in Daily 5 - Word Work/Writing (change words) Great for morning work! Could also make this with simple Spanish words and have the students use to put together sentences. Could make one for key lessons!

Spanish Printable - Place Words

Could be used for a "family tree" type of thing too. Or a story telling kind of thing. Spanish Printable – Place Words level 1 or personal unit

Color Hunt - Exploring the World Around Us

OUTDOOR Colour hunt in different languages. Egg carton and some little coloured stickers. A simple way to work in some language learning while getting fresh air. Color hunt outside using multiple languages!

This is a fun game to get younger children moving while learning foreign languages. It's called Rainbow Jump. Students take turns jumping to other colors while saying the foreign word for the color they are jumping to.