Browse Art - DeviantArt dmitri !

Browse Art - DeviantArt dmitri !

Spike looks so cool I just took one look at him ☺️

Troy the hedgehog is a 17 year old with a dark attitude and a motorcycle with swift moves. He listens to underground music and watches Netflix movies. His best friend is Kiki the hedgehog.

All the stuff Sonic was doing (in Sonic Unleashed, I think). I like the coconut one with Knuckles.

소닉 언리쉬드 Sonic Unleashed World Food (Fan-Made Comic) - Oh my gosh! I would LOVE to see these as cut-scenes!

Look that... by on @DeviantArt <<<<<< I could see all of them seeing a fan character for the first time.

Chris, Maria, Shadow and Sonic. Love the thought of Chris and Maria as friends who can relate being two of the only main Sonic characters who are humans!

zero___zek_by_lujji-d5igk40.jpg (JPEG Image, 683 × 1171 pixels)

zero the white wolf zek the white wolf Well This version three years later zero _ zek

Sonic Boom by Unichrome-uni on deviantART | Tails. He's so cute!

Why couldn't they make sonic boom like this? Idk there's something different about this compared to the sonic boom cartoon. And I like it how knuckles isn't a weird buff guy.

mushroom forest. by: RiderInSky on deviantART

Mushroom Forest with Sonic, Shadow and Silver. Isn't this artwork amazing?