Marketing THROUGH sports. Product: drose4. Audience: Basketball Players/fans. Place: Adidas. Cost: cost of adidas.

adidas sport / D.

Amazing cycling poster from These Giants

Beautiful Poster Designs

Tour of California 2009 race poster

All Blacks

Adidas - All Blacks "this is not a Jersey" - print and online campaign, New Zealand

Marketing through sports Adidas All blacks products Audience is Rugby fans Place is adidas retailers Cost is price of product

SerialThriller™: Photo

I think we could use this design for a sports layout. It also uses layers of basketball players so it contributes to our theme, and it also incorporates text for maybe the title.//// I like how this design incorporates players in the NBA.

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If the Guy was the circles, so the text weaves in/out Sport Inspiration

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The colors black, grey and white are emphasized as it forms the player's uniform number. The subordinate color is the beige.

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2015 Radford Volleyball Poster

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Marketing OF Sports Product: Whatever college volleyball team this is People: College kids who like volleyball Place: Social Media Ad Price; Price of Ticket

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I liked lebron in Miami better

Pelé | Zoran Lucić | Flickr

poster / affiche “Pelé” by Zoran Lucić (Bosnia and Herzegovinia)

Sports photo manipulation of a soccer player.

Australia World Cup 2014 qualifying poster by ilovedust for Nike

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Vanderbilt Football - 2016 on Behance

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Love the way the Giants altered their orange color to creative this beautifil vitage feel.

NBA Posters on Behance

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So amazing: graphic artists from the home countries of the World Cup teams create a design during each match.