Like the McDonald's logo, the Starbucks logo is widely-recognize and is symbolic on its own.


Iced green tea latte and iced tea/lemonade with half classic and half raspberry syrups are my favorite drinks! Also, the iced caramel hot chocolate is pretty tasty!

If you're like me, I always procrastinate until the week before Halloween to decide what I'm dressing up as. When looking for ideas, th...

Rose- Category: Logos and Logotype- this is Starbucks' design that represents the whole company. Starbucks uses this logo on a lot of their products instead of writing "Starbucks" the symbol is used to represent their company instead.

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In honor of the beginning of Fall and the Pumpkin Spiced Latte being available once again, I think it's time for another Starbucks Giveaway! Enter in the Rafflecopter form below, and make sure to.

Printable Mini Starbucks Logos

5 Best Images of Starbucks Printable Label - Printable Starbucks Coffee Cups, Homemade Hot Chocolate Label and Printable Mini Starbucks Logos