Prompt -- a villain in a corrupted city sees something terrible happen to a kid. it changes him and he starts to look out for her, helping her in his own way to get justice and to be her guardian angel lurking in the deep shadows

Got an Inkling? - Dialog Prompts, Story Starters & Story Prompts<<and there's paintings of her everywhere in his house, and years later his descendent sees the girl from the paintings.

what if a whole bunch of people took story starters like this and all wrote different stories; different characters, different plots, different endings; but the beginning is always the same.....?

Writing Prompt - The world ended right in front of me. It fell apart and shook beneath our feet. Buildings began disintegrating, crumbling, taking people down with it… And it was my fault.

Whoa. Note To Self: Perhaps I could add a modern crime thing of The Little Mermaid... The Port.

“Story Starter” “It was dark. Not pitch black, but some greenish darkness that barely allowed shapes to form. All I could smell was the tang of seaweed, all I could hear the breaking of waves.

Blog Post // Scribbles of a Writing Maverick : Story Starter Sundays #6  Assassination Classroom

Writing prompt: "You are with the ability to measure how "Dangerous" people are just by looking at them. A normal child would be a while a trained man with an assault rifle might be a Today you notice the unassuming new kid at school measures a

Totally not funny in anyway but didn't know where else to put it....

20 Six-Word Stories That Are Absolutely Heart-Breaking. #7 Gave Me Chills.

So you're a human? Like, one hundred percent actual human? I've heard scary things about you guys.

Like, one hundred percent actual human? I've heard scary things about you guys. <<< Works well with previous story starter.

You're the good one, and they send you to a territory full of evil twins. You become corrupted and learn to stand up for yourself, then convince the officers to switch your camp, but you've already become one of them.

Writespiration #10

Every person is born a twin. One is evil and one is good. Your twin died at birth; the government is t sure which one you are. They make their best guess and send you to one of the territories when you turn sixteen. They choose wrong;

writing prompt

Just an illusion.

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