A fun summer treat with a twist. This Strawberry Kiwi Fruit Pizza with it's sugar cookie crust looks like a watermelon but tastes like a dessert.

Make your pool party more fun by serving grilled veggie pizzas along with a festive Veggie Pizza Fish and a Strawberry Kiwi Fruit Pizza Watermelon.


Beautiful Cake Pictures: Chocolate Dipped Groom Strawberries Wedding Cake: Cakes with Fruits, Wedding Cakes. Could be Grooms Cake.

Easy no chill sugar cookie dough, fluffy cream cheese sauce, and piles of fresh fruit toppings make this Fruit Pizza a smash hit for any occasion.

Homemade Fruit Pizza

I could decorate my lemon pie like this. Easy no chill sugar cookie dough, fluffy cream cheese sauce, and piles of fresh fruit toppings make this Fruit Pizza a smash hit for any occasion.

All About Growing Blueberries: Growing blueberries isn’t as difficult as you might think. Read how to grow blueberry bushes suited to your climate and how to properly prepare your soil’s pH to harvest homegrown, antioxidant-rich berries all summer long.

All About Growing Blueberries - Organic Gardening

You can forage or grow the fixin& for ground-cherry pie, an almost forgotten treat from grandmother& day.

Fruit Pizza :) So pretty

Fruit Pizza

Sugar Cookie fruit Pie A cookie dough crust, cream cheese filling, and fruit topping. Tip: For a quick crust, use one package of ready made sugar cookie dough rolled out to fit a pizza pan. Use an assortment of fresh fruit.

A treat for your eyes, this colorful fresh-fruit pizza is made on a tasty Pillsbury® refrigerated sugar cookie crust. It tastes as good as it looks!

Easy Fruit Pizza

ngredients 1 roll oz) Pillsbury™ refrigerated sugar cookies 1 package oz) cream cheese, softened cup sugar teaspoon vanilla 2 kiwifruit, peeled, halved lengthwise and sliced 1 cup halved or quartered fresh

Mexican Flag "Cake" Recipe...Perfect Dessert To Make For Spanish Class!

Sliced kiwi, whipped topping and strawberries stand in for the colors of the Mexican flag in this no-bake pound cake and gelatin dessert.

LilyAnette: Strawberry & Kiwi Cream Cheese Tart

Happy Mothers Day To all the mommies that I know, I hope you had a wonderful day and your kids cherish you more day by day and your hu.

Try this PHILADELPHIA No-Bake Cheesecake with sweet graham cracker crust, creamy filling and fresh fruit on top. Whip up this no-bake cheesecake today!

A no-bake cheesecake recipe is ideal for summer days, holidays (when your oven is busy) and any other time easy, creamy deliciousness is desired.

Mandarin Orange Cake-1-30                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Mandarin Orange Cake

Mandarin oranges always remind me of Christmas. When we still lived in Belarus, my parents always gave us mandarins for Christmas and New Years' (which is a BIG

Kiwi covered in chocolate. At first glance I thought this was an ice-cream bar with mint chocolate chip ice cream inside. Looks yummy!

Chocolate Covered Kiwi Pops

Did this the other day with all natural vanilla yogurt and cut the kiwi lengthwise in quarters to fit into my standard popsicle mold. Kiwi holds surprisingly well when put on a popsicle stick. Kids LOVED them!

Fruity Lemonade Pops.  Lemon Jello keeps the pops from melting too fast.  ingredients = fruit, jello, koolaid

Fruity Lemonade Pops recipe - These super-hot (and super-cold) fruity pops are all the rage—check out our no-drip version!

Strawberry-Kiwi Trifle by marta

Strawberry-Kiwi Trifle - with angel food cake, yogurt, and strawberry whipped topping. Looks refreshing for the hot summer months.