Before and after pruning succulents

Pruning and Maintaining a Succulent Arrangement

Pruning succulents helps prevent rot, encourage new growth, and help your succulents thrive. Discover how and when to prune your succulents here!

Small Succulent Arrangement.

The word is arranged, people spend a long time arranging flowers and plants and it is a supposed art. I like this one because it is not normal plants exotic ones, also I think the colours blend well together.

Find out how to use the thriller filler spiller method in your succulent arrangements

Tips for Arranging Succulents in Containers and Landscapes

Some call me the gardening master, not! I am probably the least talented gardener you’ll ever meet. I spontaneously decided to grow a vegetable crop last spring with virtual no experience or planning! I ended up with at least Continue Reading →

Super cute adorable rustic mason jar succulent arrangement customizable any color

Price is per jar. this rustic jar is Perfect for small spaces or gift :) ideal for bridal showers/ baby showers/ housewarming

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Tips for indoor Succulents

Shades of blue - Succulents are absolutely beautiful and make great house plants. They are easy to look after and make you feel great! Why not pop a few around your house.

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These tips will help make your succulent arrangements extra beautiful and eye catching!

Tips for Arranging Succulents in Containers and Landscapes

Very clever. Use a shell for your succulent garden. Put in on your patio or even inside on your table as a centerpiece.

How To Create And Care For Your Stunning Succulent Arrangements

Scalloped Border - 43 Outstanding Succulent Gardens You Can Create at Home . SourceThe shape of this container is perfect for creating a fancy succulent garden.

Beautiful Rectangular Succulent Arrangement

Beautiful Succulent Arrangements

Outdoor dining table inspiration using a metal trough filled with in differing colors and varietals, using foam underneath along with moss to fill in the gaps.

Very nice guide into how to create a succulent plant arrangement

How to Create a Small Succulent Arrangement