Surround yourself with people who get it. © katie doucette portfolio

The most important aspect of living a joyous life, is surrounding yourself with people who love you back and understand.

As we enter September and National Suicide Awareness Month, please remember to extend your hand to those who wage a daily battle with suicidal ideation. Please do not stand in judgement of Attempt Survivors or those we have so regretfully lost. Please do support family and friends who have lost someone as a result of suicide. And reach out if you are suicidal. You are not alone. Please reach out and BREATHE. I choose to keep on living.

But I've never felt this type of fear. Never felt anxiety like this. Never felt pain like this. Never felt anything like this in my life.

Real friends support you no matter what! Meghan -- This just made me laugh!!! Be the best tunafish you can be :) You know...if you want to that is!

Real friends support you no matter what. If you want to be a tunafish then it's my job to encourage you to be the best damned tunafish that you can be.

This is totally the feeling I have with my Y-sisters! Women empowering women

Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back. I couldn't do life without my girlfriends!