Surf fishing, Rigs and techniques, I have found this very useful, since I have never surf fished and would like to try it..

Surf Fishing Tips and Techniques

We have fantastic fishing at the Suggested baits, rigs, and techniques to catch surf fish like red drum, bluefish, and striped bass.

Surf Fishing Basics

Saltwater Surf Fishing Basics

If you plan for some productive saltwater fishing, hit the beach with these tips on reading the surf, choosing baits and tackle and locating fish Bass Pro Shops

Surf Fishing Tips - Tips on How to Surf Fish

Surf Fishing Tips - Do you want to go surf fishing? Get tips, tricks and techniques on how to surf fish.

Saltwater Rigging Basics | New Hampshire Saltwater Fishing Digest |

Chunk Bait Bottom Rig Setup To create a setup that will allow you to present cut bait (herring, Atlantic mackerel, or clams) to predatory fish patrolling the surf: Attach a swivel to the main line using a clinch knot … Continue reading →

5 Things Anglers Regret Not Knowing When They First Start Kayak Fishing

5 Things Anglers Regret Not Knowing When They First Start Kayak Fishing

Want to know some of the biggest mistakes kayak anglers make (and wish someone had warned them)? Then check out these 5 things to avoid.

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If you are new to the sport of fishing, you need to know some of the basic rules of Outdoor Lifestyle Hobbies. Like hunting, fishing, camping and safety tips.

Three Surf Rigs You Should Know About

Fish-finder rigs, high-low rigs, and whole mullet rigs are effective surf rigs that have produced striped bass for many years.

Fishing Florida includes  backwater and offshore fishing, saltwater fishing, fly fishing, charter guides, maps, tides, seasons and species, fishing report, photos, articles on fly fishing basics

Fishing guide for Florida provides general fishing information plus charter guides, marinas, regional maps, species and seasons charts.

10 Surf Fishing Tips - Recommended by Fishing London, guide service -

// Surf Fishing Be Prepared: Ten Tips Before You Hit The Beach Nothing is worse than hitting the beach for a great surf fishing session and having your equipment let you down. By preparing a fe.

There are numerous anglers who do not fish from boats, yet many of them enjoy surf fishing. Here are a few tips on how to get started out on the right foot.

What Are Some Basic Tips for Surf Fishing?

There are three major types of #fishing line. Each has its benefits and should be included in your arsenal.

Do Fish See Line?: Decoding Research and Manufacturer Claims

BEST Top 10 Surf Fishing Tips (Catch More Fish From The Surf)

BEST Top 10 Surf Fishing Tips (Catch More Fish From The Surf)

Flounder Fishing Tips and Techniques

Flounder Fishing Tips and Techniques

Southern Flounder are a very tasty fish highly sought after by anglers. This article will help the reader increase his catch. Includes tips on where to look for flounder, gear, tackle and baits.