Swedish Chocolate Balls - chokladbollar - One of many things I miss from working in NYC - the uber cool coffee joint near my office had these. mmm soooooo decadent.

Classic Swedish Chocolate Ball Recipe

Red Velvet Waffles .... oh so good ... served with toasted almonds, chocolate syrup, a cream cheese glaze, cherry pie filling, and whipped topping

Red Velvet Waffles

Confectionary Tales of a Bakeaholic: Chokladbollar: Swedish Chocolate Balls

You guys, there are only 3 of these left. I made these around yesterday and after sharing them with only 3 other people, there are only 3 left. I am too embarrassed to even see how many of these I ate yesterday.

[FP] Swedish fatbombs: Kokosboll! 10 balls: 200 cal | 1,5 carb | 21 fat per ball

[FP] Swedish fatbombs: Kokosboll! 10 balls: 200 cal

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How to Make Swedish Chocolate Balls💜

Easy cake pops that taste great! I did two flavors here, chocolate with coconut and chocolate with butterscotch coating. Morsels, frosting, cake sticks, and sugar topping for the butterscotch.

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How to Make Easy Chocolate Frosting

No gluten or white sugar but still awesome chewy bites. There are a couple of these guides on Snapguide: Swedish chocolate balls.

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The chokladboll is a traditional Swedish pastry recipe on Recidemia often eaten with coffee during fika. They are quick and easy to prepare, since they require no baking and only a few, common ingredi (Swedish Butter Cookies)

To try: Chocolate balls (vegan, gluten free, raw, sugar free) #recipe

Chocolate Balls (vegan, gluten free, raw, sugar free)

Under the Sea themed Cupcakes

Beach wedding Cupcakes: blue frosting, brown sugar, shell chocolates, white lifesavers painted to look like rescue rings, goldfish/Swedish fish

Ljuvligmat.se - en mat- och bakblogg - Chokladbollar med mörk choklad

Ljuvligmat.se - en mat- och bakblogg - Chokladbollar med mörk choklad

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No bake Chocolate Ball Cake (cake is vegan if you use a vegan butter - to vegainze the ganache use a vegan cream and butter)