Empanada Dough recipe   These can be filled with virtually anything that floats your boat; either sweet or savory.

Here is a basic empanada dough that will become your go-to recipe for savoury or sweet empanadas.

best chocolate chip cookies that I, Molly Hoffard, have ever made. Will never use another recipe ever.

Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

I Made These For Evie's Birthday At School And Another Party.they Are Delicious And The Bacon Really Adds Flavor To The Cupcake.

Pear Pockets - these are made with a pear compote, but I'm sure you could use apples or another fruit.  SO cute!

Pear compote with vanilla pockets. food porn only as I cd not find the recipe : ( Seems pretty straightforward: puff pastry, compote with vanilla (either in the compote or with custard. or even as a pseudo-cream cheese danish)

Pennys perfect pie crust pinterest image

Penny’s Perfect Pie Crust (Seriously. It’s Perfect)

Penny’s Perfect Pie Crust recipe. 2 cups of flour 1 cup of Butter Flavored Crisco 1 tsp Salt to not quite ½ cup of water This makes one double crust pie or two single shell pies.

Spicy Potato Samosas (Aloo Samosas) Recipe: chock full of vegetables and spice, these yummy treats are under 200 calories!

Spicy Potato Samosas (Aloo Samosas)

Spicy Potato Samosas (Aloo Samosas) Recipe - this is the BEST recipe! Also, see the cilantro sauce recipe to go with them.

Saw this recipe being made on Paula's show this morning. Wish they had a picture. I'm gonna make them and I'll include a photo. Also, gonna add a filling to make my own version of hostess coconut cakes! Bright pink!!!

Pinkies Chocolate Lunch Box Treats Recipe by Paula Deen

Check out what I found on the Paula Deen Network!Chocolate Bread Pudding With Rum Toffee Sauce

Empanadas that are ready to go in the oven - Lara Hata/Photodisc/Getty Images

Empanada Dough

This slightly sweet empanada dough produces tender, golden empanadas. Empanada dough is less flaky than pie crust (although you can substitute in a pinch)

Mexican Sweet Empanadas Dough Recipe - Bing images

Mexican Sweet Empanadas Dough Recipe - Bing images

Rolling out dough for empanadas - Lara Hata/Photodisc/Getty Images

Savory Muerbeteig - German Pastry Dough

strawberries, sugar, cream cheese, and pie dough! That's it!(cute for Valentine's Day) .

Heart-Shaped Mini Pies & Pie Pops (2 Filling Options)

Sweetheart Cherry Pies - Strawberries, sugar, cream cheese, and pie dough! That's it!

Empanada Dough - Allrecipes.com

This is a basic recipe for empanada dough to be filled with your favorite empanada filling.