Southern Deep Fried Chicken:2-1/2 to 3 pounds fryer chicken, cut into 8-10 pieces 2 cups butter milk 6 egg yolks 2 cups all purpose flour 1/2 sugar less cornflakes (plain) 2 tablespoons of seasoning salt 2 tablespoons garlic 2 tablespoons onion powder 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper 1 teaspoon poultry season cooking oil for Deep Fryer

Southern Fried Chicken (Look out KFC!) (Paula Deen)--"This is the best fried chicken I have ever made! It has a nice, savory flavor and a coating with just the right amount of crispiness

Sweetie Pie's Fried Chicken and Catfish | The Dr. Oz Show...Miss Robbie Montgomery, founder of Sweetie Pie's soul food chain, shares some of her most delectable dishes! This catfish recipe is a tasty way to boost your body's intake of omega-3. Substitute boneless chicken for the catfish fillets if you prefer a meatier taste and texture.

Sweetie Pie's Fried Chicken and Catfish: Boost your body's intake of Substitute boneless chicken for the fillets if you prefer a meatier taste and texture.


Apple-Smothered Pork Chops Recipe -When I serve this entree to my guests, I always get lots of compliments - and requests for the recipe.

Fried Chicken Gizzards

Recipe Ingredients: pound chicken gizzards cup all purpose flour tablespoon seasoning salt vegetable oil Recipe Instructions: First you want to prep gizzards for cooking. Remove g

Chicken Fried Chicken with White Pepper Gravy a la Cracker Barrel

Slow cooker chicken breasts with creamy gravy.Very delicious chicken recipe cooked in slow cooker.Serve with cooked pasta or mashed potatoes.

Are you a fan of soul food? Check out this recipe for amazing fried chicken, and use the same batter to try out on fried catfish too!

The cast of Welcome To Sweetie Pie’s visited Dr Oz to talk about their soul food traditions and share their restaurant’s Fried Chicken and Catfish Recipe.

Traditional Southern Fried Chicken | I Heart Recipes

Traditional Southern Fried Chicken

How to make crispy & juicy Traditional Southern Fried Chicken just like your Grandma (or mom)! I just love southern fried chicken, but I'm sure that you all

Miss Robbie's Mothers Day Special Daffodil Cake. If it's from Miss Robbie, I have to try it!!!!

Daffodil Cake – a light and lemony angel food cake marbled with beautiful batters and topped with a citrusy glaze.

Sweetie Pie's Fried Pork Chops: 6 cups oil, 2 teaspoons House Seasoning, (1 cup salt, 1/4 cup black pepper,  1/4 cup garlic powder) 1/2 teaspoon seasoned salt, 6 pork chops, 1 cup buttermilk, 1 cup all-purpose flour.

Been doing Pork Chops like this for years, Yummm.Try it, I don't use Cayenne though & I fry them in HEART friendly Canola or olive oil : ) Chicken Fried Pork Chops with Chunky Pear Chutney from Sunny Anderson.