I have been craving this since I had it for the first time in Russia. I will be making this soon. Authentic Baklava Recipe from a Greek Green Diva

Green Diva Gina got a lot of requests for her Baklava recipe after her wonderful posts about honey bees and baklava. here& her authentic baklava recipe

Baklawa & Halawa poster

Baklawa & Halawa poster

Beirut designer Joumana Medlej created this poster called Baklawa & Halawa which features 42 pastries and desserts from Lebanon and the region.

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I have tried many Baklava recipes but this one is the easiest and every time it turn out perfect. A step by step baklava recipe with pictures.

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1 lbs chopped cup teaspoon ground 1 lb melted sweet# butter 2 lbs thin sheet fillo, or shredded fillo 1 cup

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Bosnian/Turkish Baklava: sweet pastry made of layers of filo pastry filled with chopped nuts (and or pistachos) and sweetened with syrup or honey.

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Best ever Konafa foto with Ricotta and cream filling

Konafa with cream and ricotta filling and basbousa with almonds. The picture gives a good idea of the thickness of the konafa when putting the ingredients together. The thinner it is, the more elegant.