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Tank Girl

From the brilliant minds of Alan Martin & Jamie Hewlett. came the original Tank Girl comics. She’s female, ferocious and foul-mouthed. (tankgirl - the girl u want,

Brian Bolland. (Just me who thinks that Tank Girl looks like Lana??)

Tank Girl - Brian Bolland - I have this on my office wall, signed by Alan Martin

Tank Girl - Jamie Hewlett Jamie Hewlett is one of my main inspirations since I pretty much grew up on Tank Girl and Gorillaz. I love his edgy style and his combinations of photography and drawings

Tank Girl

Tank Girl, the character created by writer Alan Martin and artist Jamie Hewlett, first saw print as a comic strip in The British series, original.

tank girl facebook cover - Buscar con Google

My icon is Tank Girl. tank girl is a cartoon strip written by Alan Martin and illustrated by the wonderful Jamie Hewlett (who now does the.

Chris Guest - Tank Girl, olio su tavola, 2016

Pin up, tatuaggi e rosa shocking ecco i quadri di Chris Guest

Chris Guest - Tank Girl, olio su tavola, 2016