#Repost @mermaidsketches  Cover up from a few weeks back excuse the blurry "before" photo. #tattoo #Inkformer

Tattoo Removal - ・・・ Cover up from a few weeks back, excuse the blurry before photo. - Quick and Easy Natural Methods & Secrets to Eliminating the Unwanted Tattoo That You’ve Been Regretting for a Long Time

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That is great that the tattoo owner had decided to make these wonderful Rose Cover Up Tattoos by Xskinnyx instead of that old crap. Result is much better and

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Until one becomes a mommy, no one can ever tell u what it will feel like to love someone else so deeply and profoundly that u will rejoice when they rejoice, ache when they ache, feel what they feel even without speaking a word.

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Lacy rose sternum tattoo, im getting it. So beautiful and kinda classy but also not too girlie to me. Love it Mehr