If you face swap Kevin from The Office & Ted Cruz they are actually the same person

CTC Step I think Minerva was a static character throughout the chapter she was still her talkative self.

Roses are red Violets are blue Michael jackson sang thriller Ted cruz os the zodiac killer.... Hahahahhaha

Texas senator Ted Cruz announced Monday that he will run for president in becoming the first Republican politician to officially declare his candidacy. Here is what you should know about the first-term senator:

This is a fantastic MUST WATCH video  - A  fact check on Obama’s rags to riches story to find the truth, and well, to put it nicely, it ain’t the truth Obama wants you to know http://www.therightscoop.com/wow-special-report-fact-checks-obamas-alleged-back-story-and-it-aint-good/#

( the obama regime Amnesty Report ) Patcnews Dec 2014 The Patriot Conservative News Tea Party Network Reports Ted Cruz is pissing off the ENTIRE U. Senate over the obama regime illegal immigration action! © All copyrights reserved By Patcnews


Ted Cruz Risks Primary Disqualification in New Jersey, Other Late-Primary States, Charges Professor Victor Williams

Who Is Ted Cruz? Find out fun and facts in this infographic.

Who Is Ted Cruz [Infographic]

Better yet, read his biography A Time for Truth! SO many things that he has done to uphold our Constitution; studied free-market economics (unlike trump's corrupt business practices); many leaders helped him form his conservative views.