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I'm a teen I have a Messy room. I spend most of my time Online. I have Private things on my phone. I go to bed Late and I am crazy about One Person.


At least if this dosent work they believe that he or she is single and have hope in you. Now I'm gonna pin this to my are you kidding me board because this might not work out

Exactly. Every single little thing a girl does people start hating her for it. Its very messed up. Girls just be you.

Girls can't win

PREACH PREACH PREACH<<< I'm sure there are things like this regarding guys but it doesn't detract from the fact that this is totally true. In the end we can all agree I think: Society sucks.

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Whenever someone does that, it just makes my day :) i love it more than chocolate cake, and that's a pretty big deal. because it rarely happens to me

teenager posts. ♡ true true Yeah like this certain guy I would never admit I was in love with.... HAHAHAHAHAHA!

♡ true true (Like Josh Hutcherson and sam Clafin and liam hemsworth !)<<<Well, Liam Hemsworth (TGH), Jamie Bower(TMI), Ian Somerhalder (TVD) etc

I bet this is fake.... I'm gonna yawn! I jiustbvywaned! Changing idea! I love this, yay!

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