ARROZ CON FRIJOLES BORRACHO: ~ From Bluebonnets & Brownies.Com. Posted By All Free Copycat Recipes: ~ Really, you can’t go wrong with pinto beans, and bacon, and onion, and cilantro, and beer. The beer adds character, while the cilantro kicks the entire thing up a notch with a major blast of flavor. The real trick to these, to making a full meal out of them, is serving them over rice flavored with chicken-tomato stock. The entire dish is amazingly savory and delicious.

Pinto Beans - Borracho Beans in the crock pot (Frijoles Borracho) recipe. Missing my beloved San Antonio, Texas.

Borracho Beans - Put 'em in the crock pot in the morning, and come home in the afternoon to something wonderful.  TIP: I leave out the cilantro 'cause I don't like it, and add extra onion, and sometimes some celery.  This is the basis for lots of delicious Mexican food.

Borracho Beans

A traditional Mexican bean soup, kicked up with serrano peppers and beer. This is a very forgiving recipe - add, subtract, substitute to your hearts content.

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CanCooker provides Pinto Beans Texas Style Recipe for use with our CanCooker original and jr. similar to Pinto Beans Texas Style Recipe for slow cookers, crock pots, steam cookers, and cream can cooking.

Copycat Wendy�s Chili in the Crockpot Recipe  I have to make this for my Dad.  He LOVES Wendy's Chili

Copycat Wendy’s Chili

My Great Chili - This is a chili I've been making for my family for years . . . no ground beef here, it's chili the way chili is supposed to be.

It's bingo chili night at American Legion Post 42 in Ferron and it's also Jo's Great Texas Red Chill - It's what's for dinner tonight!

Treat your family with this chili that’s made using ground beef and Progresso® broth – a slow cooked Mexican dinner.

Texas No-Bean Chili

Texas No-Bean Chili - Treat your family with this chili that’s made using ground beef and Progresso® broth – a slow cooked Mexican dinner.

Borracho Beans are a tasty way to cook pinto beans in beer with the crock pot or on the stove

Borracho Beans translate to drunken beans. They are pinto beans cooked in beer for a savory flavor.

Pinto beans, three ways | Homesick  (Big pot of porky pinto beans, Frijoles a la charra, Borracho beans)YUMMMMMmm

Slow cooked pinto beans are easy, extremely cheap and absolutely delicious. The recipe is closest to my Dad's - he got so many compliments when he made them. Comfort food for sure. Pinto beans, three ways Homesick Texan

Frijoles a la Charra /Frijoles Borrachos (“Drunk” Pinto Beans) | Hispanic Kitchen

Frijoles a la Charra (Drunk Pinto Beans)

CrockPot Pinto Beans make meal planning easy!  Make these as a side, to create homemade burritos, or to add to chili or stew!

Crockpot Pinto Beans

Classic Crockpot Pinto Beans are the base of a simple meal, or easily turned into refried beans for burritos, nachos, or even added to soups and chili! This is one of the best cheap & easy foods for your menu plan!

Borracho Beans (pinto beans in broth) looks delish! Dlatt Dlatt In Sock Monkey Slippers

Easy Frijoles Borrachos Drunken Beans Recipe-Crock Pot

Easy Frijoles Borrachos Drunken Beans Recipe- Really good fresh, leftovers tasted too boozy.