Great ideas for all 7 days of creation. Raising Little Disciples

Creation timeline visual for story telling and having kids retell in order. Use this concept for the events that lead up to the American Revolution & American History

This is a lot of reading, but could be good for the Game Board Kim was talking about. Replace the baggies of food with a larger paper substitute (a construction paper moon and sun, etc)

Our Out-of-Sync Life: Creation Scavenger Hunt - great idea, we can't use it in Sunday School but could use it in a holiday club sometime or an after school group

This is a great list of creation crafts and activities for kids.


kids cut a small red paper heart with their name on it and taped it onto their Earth. Then they wrote something they do or promise to do to take care of the Earth. Earth Day/ "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" craft (coffee filter Earth)

6 days of creation pictures | pages of coloring book. Have children color pictures of the creation ...

Perfect Coloring Seven Days Of Creation Coloring Pages In Coloring Pages About God S Creation Coloring Pages Coloring For by lhctzz 201702

Creation Story for Kids: Day 2

Creation Story for Kids: Day 2

7 days of creation crafts  | Seven Days of Creation Wheel |

Seven Days of Creation Wheel

This Seven Days of Creation Wheel helps kids re-tell the Biblical creation story. Teach kids about the stories in the Bible with Sunday school crafts for kids like this amazing colored wheel that reminds kids of the stories they read.

The creation story for kids - Activities, crafts, free printables, and more to help children create their own creation story books!

The Creation Story for Kids

The creation story for kids - 7 days of crafts, activities, printables, experiments and more!

Free Printables for FHE ~ Super Cute! My kids really like them.   Creation by Keeping Life Creative

The Creation Story Interactive Printables

Hands of God and Adam.  Leonardo da Vinci.  Sistine Chapel, fresco Michelangelo.  1509.

Accept Forgiveness; It's Free

Hands of God and Adam - Sistine Chapel ceiling =The Sistine Chapel ceiling, painted by Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512

creation book - really great idea!! The boys and I made one of these when they were small.

Islam Religion : God created the world - love this for summer camp, VBS, SS series, etc! Save your old magazines for pics!

PDF Pattern: The Creation Bible Story Quiet Book Page

The Creation Bible Story: Quiet Book Pattern. The felt squares are magnetic for a fun matching game. Could also do with fridge magnets