The Decemberists by Carson Ellis from Portland, Oregon

littlechien via illustration-ilustracion jungleindierock: The Decemberists illustration by Carson Ellis

They always have the best posters.

80 Amazing Examples Of Gig Poster Designs

The Decemberists. 14.03.2011 Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The Decemberists: Jenny Conley, Chris Funk, Colin Meloy, John Moen, and Nate Query.

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The Hot List: January 2015

Illustrator Carson Ellis's charming cover art for The Decemberists album, What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World

The Decemberists @ Sumtur Amphitheater, May 2015 || @ 80/35, July 2016

Singer Colin Meloy remembers when literally no one was listening to his music. Once his band cracked the mainstream, he found himself missing the artistic freedom that comes with anonymity.

10 Inspiring Type Designers From A New Generation

10 Inspiring Type Designers From A New Generation

The Decemberists are probably one of the best bands of our generation in my opinion. They played with all the #greats

Wedding music : Red Right Ankle .The 10 Best Decemberists Songs

The Decemberists poster by Sean Freeman Art Art director Poster Artwork Visual Graphic Mixer Composition Communication Typographic Work Digital

Decemberists poster by Sean Freeman

Typographic gig poster artwork made out of twigs for music band The Decemberists. Design & photography by Sean Freeman, There Is Studio.

Emek poster advertising a Decemberists gig in Amsterdam, 2007. £300   Photograph: Emek /

After the goldrush: rock posters fetching silly sums

The Decemberists @ Amsterdam, 2007 --- Gig Poster with Black Card Frame