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January The Grey, Joe Carnahan. After their plane crashes in Alaska, six oil workers are led by a skilled huntsman to survival, but a pack of merciless wolves haunts their every step.

gandolf photos | Ian McKellen als Gandalf der Graue                                                                                                                                                                                 Mehr

Gandalf, Lord of the Rings….These books in NO way "glorify YHWH" He says wizardry is an abomination. There is no such thing as a "good" wizard!

The Grey (2012)

The Grey

WILDERNESS / The Grey / When their plane crashes into the remote Alaskan wilderness, the survivors only have a few days to escape the icy elements and a vicious pack of rogue wolves on the hunt.

The Grey Trailer Official 2012 [HD] - Liam Neeson- not your feel good rescue tale, but a realistic view of what could happen if your plane crashed in the Alaskan wilderness

The Grey After their plane crashes in Alaska, six oil workers are led by a skilled huntsman to survival, but a pack of merciless wolves haunts their every step.

gandalf, herr der ringe

gandalf, the hobbit an unexpected journey, the hobbit the desolation of smaug, the hobbit the battle of five armies and the lord of the rings the fellowship of the rings. in the others he isn't gandalf the grey anymore

Dark Hedges in Ireland. This place looks so other worldly that it was actually a filming location for Game of Thrones.

26 Real Places That Look Like They've Been Taken Out Of Fairy Tales

Dark Hedges, Ireland - A fantasy-like avenue of beech trees, the Dark Hedges was planted in the century by the Stuart family to impress visitors upon the entrance of their home. The road is known to be haunted by the Grey Lady, who appears at dusk.

The Grey Lady    The Grey Lady is the Ravenclaw House ghost. According to a letter written by Rowling to Nina Young, the actress who played the Grey Lady in the first film, she is "a highly intellectual young lady .... She never found true love as she never found a man up to her standards".[21]    In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows it is revealed that the Grey Lady is Helena Ravenclaw, daughter of Rowena Ravenclaw, making her the only house ghost known to be related to one of the…

Four Hogwarts staff members in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part From left to right: Miriam Margolyes as Pomona Sprout, Gemma Jones as Poppy Pomfrey, Jim Broadbent as Horace Slughorn, and David Bradley as Argus Filch.

The Grey Zone. Premiered 18 October 2002

The Grey Zone by Tim Blake Nelson // gut-wrenching tale of the Sonderkomandos - Jews forced to assist in the extermination of their own people at Auschwitz.

The Grey Matter   #video #shortfilm #humor #horror

An office stiff wakes up in an alley mysteriously covered in blood. In the aftermath, he attracts the attention of his beautiful coworker, granting him a new lease on life …but something strange is afoot.

Gandalf the Grey. Come on, who doesn't like a great wizard?! Reliably scruffy, down to earth and unusually, relateable. A great character!

Gandalf The Grey

Middle-earth: Gandalf (Ian McKellen), "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings.

The Grey Zone (2001)

The Grey Zone (2001)

The Grey Zone - ---- This is a good movie but it's literally painful and disturbing to watch . this is the most graphic Holocaust movie I've ever seen. (I guess this was too graphic to me).

Congratulations to WMM filmmaker, Noga Ashkenazi, and her film The Grey Area for winning Best Documentary at the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival! For more on the film, check out the link.

THE GREY AREA is an intimate look at women’s issues in the criminal justice system and the unique experience of studying feminism behind bars.

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