Valentine's Day Gifts For Him by the Hour - From

Surprise your spouse on Valentine's Day with a small gift every hour and 24 witty and free printable cards! Wowing your spouse was never so quick and easy!

Pie-Shaped Clock Reveals The Hours as They Pass

Italian industrial designer Sabrina Fossi takes a look at your average wall clock and puts her own creative spin on it in the form of the FreakishCLOCK. Fossi removes the hour hand and instead the

Valentines on the Hour

To celebrate Valentine’s day, send your significant other with a bag full of small gifts to open on the of every hour. THIS WOULD ALSO BE A VERY GOOD BIRTHDAY PRESENT. you can only do it up to a birthday but it would be so much fun.

1st Grade Telling Time to the Hour & Telling Time to the Half Hour Puzzle 1.MD.3

Telling Time to the Hour and Telling Time to the Half Hour Puzzles are a valuable asset to any grade math classroom.

Daily Routines: Time to the Hour - This is a great activity to help students identify their daily routine while also learning about how to tell time. Giving students predictability helps them feel more confident going into the next activity.

A Day of Presents

A present for every hour on their birthday.what a cute idea to keep them feeling special all day long! (Good idea for kids too!) My hubby LOVED this on his birthday!

New Year's Eve Balloon Clock Countdown Decoration

Kids and adults alike will love using this DIY New Year's Eve Balloon Clock Countdown to keep track of the hours til midnight. I love that it also makes a great DIY NYE party photo background!

Chris Pine "The Finest Hours" and "Star Trek" Interview

19 Camping Hacks That Might Actually Save Your Life One Day

Use an analog watch as a compass. Hold a watch with 12 o'clock at left. Move your arm so the hour hand points at the sun. The spot halfway between the hour hand and the 12 is south.

Napping Is Good For You Says Science

This chart shows a recommendation of how much sleep different age ranges need to be effective. (Voici le temps de sommeil parfait pour chaque tranche d’âge)

10 Stops You Can't Miss on an I-40 Road Trip

One of the coolest cross-country trips a traveler can take is along The third longest interstate in the United States, the route runs all the way from Barstow, California to Wilmington, North Carolina (that's a drive from end-to-end, in case

Caterpillar to Butterfly Science Activity with Balloon

A fun STEM Challenge for Kids! Caterpillar to Butterfly Science Activity with Balloons! See how to create your own science experiment for hours of fun with items from around the house! (easy crafts for kids science experiments)

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