The Midnight Beast party of Katy Perry - ET feat. Kanye West Official Music Video

The Midnight Beast party of Katy Perry - ET feat.

The Midnight Beast Invade America // England's funny trio head to the states to perform for CMJ Music Marathon

The Midnight Beast; I can't believe I forgot these boys.

The Midnight love. esp Ash <3

The Midnight Beast Photoshoot

Harlem Shake | The Midnight Beast Edition | Okay, this is the best. It's not actually the "normal" harlem shake video, it's an anti-song about it and other recent trends! Free DL of the song as well. Super catchy!

Harlem Shake (The Midnight Beast Edition) Parody

love Lez Be Friends, Die Young, Friends For Never, and EVERY SONG THEY'VE MADE even the very inappropriate ones well they're all inappropriate so, YEAH!

In-video lyrics to Beggin', a brand new song by The Midnight Beast from their upcoming TV show. I do not own the music, images or lyrics to this video.