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Transformers, robots in disguise....Transformers...more than meets the eye

Why Transformers Is Nerd-Proof (and Thus the Ultimate Nerd Franchise)

Transformers (Generation one of my favorite and best cartoons of my childhood. Transformers more than meets the eye!

nascar transformer cars | NASCAR cars in the new Transformers movie? - From the Marbles - NASCAR ...

Who are those NASCAR cars in the new Transformers movie?

The Dinobots. Oldschool cool. It was a little disappointing that Sludge (Brontosaurus, yes I know they've been discredited as a real dinosaur) was not in the new movie, but it was awesome to see Grimlock, Strafe, Slug, and Spike.

The Dinobots. A group of Transformers that I loved when growing up. Back when I was a kid, I grew up watching the transformers on screen.

Optimus Prime by *markerguru on deviantART - Transformers Autobot

This new Transformers series is a crossover series witch means The Autobots will team up with some of the action heroes cartoon characters.

Heard you all love the new design of Drift : )

autobot drift glowing glowing eyes mecha no humans robot science fiction solo sword transformers weapon zoner

Meanwhile in Canada, Transformers Optimus Pint Rolls Out and Drinks Up! (I was soooo gonna make this!

WOW! Check  out the new 'Bumblebee' Camaro in the #Transformers4 Age of Extinction trailer' Click to watch!

New Transformers 4 Trailer Released, Features A Lamborghini (VIDEO

Epic! Watch the Bugatti Veyron in action in the NEW Transformers 4 trailer. Click to view!

Transformers 4 Extended Trailer Released (VIDEO

lol… I really know nothing about transformers except that I love the characters of each of the transformers in the new movies…. and that I laughed through the whole thing… and theta the movie is about giant transforming robots… what more can you want?

And second-in-command bot Prowl backs us up! (Hate to see what Bay would have done to HIM!